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Whether you’re a curious contractor or a recruitment professional who want to know what an honest umbrella company should be quoting, you’re ready to use our free umbrella company calculator.

The tool is straightforward to use. Please complete the fields below using accurate information. You must then read and tick the disclaimer before our website can generate your instant umbrella company calculation.

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10 reasons to use our free umbrella company calculator

Umbrella Company Calculator is free, accurate and ready to use now. Here are 10 reasons you should use our tool before you shop around various umbrella companies.

  • Built with good intentions – we’ve done our best to ensure the tool generates realistic figures. We’re not an umbrella company, so we’re not here to try and encourage you to join one provider over another.
  • Designed exclusively for contractors, freelancers and the UK’s temporary workforce. However, if you work in recruitment or represent temporary candidates, you may be interested in our tool too! It’s available for everyone, and we hope you find it helpful.
  • Our umbrella company calculator is completely free of charge. We’ve spent ages developing it for you to use as and when you please. Oh, and please spread the word! If you know anyone who could benefit from our umbrella company calculator, please share it with them today.
  • There is no limit to the number of calculations you request. Use the tool as often as you like. We’ve spoken to several stakeholders, and it’s really beneficial to use the tool with different margins. You may be surprised at how little the umbrella company’s margin impacts your pay retention.
  • Allows you to choose the umbrella company margin – perfect for comparing pay retention between umbrellas with different margins. This feature is handy, as the umbrella company margin is the only thing that’ll vary between compliant providers.
  • Bookmark the URL and use our calculator anywhere with an internet connection. Save it on your phone, your laptop and bookmark it on your PC.
  • Receive your calculation via email and always have a record of what you’ve requested. This leads us on to the next point…
  • We won’t bombard you with emails, but the calculation we send will include a special offer from an accredited umbrella company. There is no obligation to use their service – but you may find it beneficial.
  • The calculator is complex and has taken months to build. A vast number of background code and calculations come into play every time you submit your information – it’s a clever piece of equipment.
  • Your feedback is encouraged, and we’ll take all comments on board. The tool is always open to suggestions for improvements. Would you mind sending your thoughts to The Team behind Umbrella Company Calculator will take all value feedback on board, and if we can develop the tool further – we won’t hesitate to invest more time.

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