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We’ve made it our mission to clear up any confusion surrounding umbrella company take home pay calculations. We hope you find our tool helpful.

“We’ve made it our role to provide curious contractors, freelancers and temporary workers with an accurate indication of their earning potential through a compliant umbrella company. It’s no secret that some umbrella companies have been handing out inflated illustrations to trick people into registering with them. This really annoys us because it’s both deliberate and unethical.

Umbrella Company Calculator is an umbrella company projection tool that’s designed to be transparent and accurate. It’s entirely free to use, and there are no limits to how often you can use it. Not only does our umbrella calculator take over a dozen factors into account when producing figures, but it’s also got nothing to hide because we’ve written a thorough summary of how it works and what’s taken into account to produce the numbers it does.

Please, have a go on the calculator and see what you think! And, if you’re keen to go ahead and use an umbrella company for your payroll, make sure you choose a compliant company that abides by HMRC’s rules and regulations. Never be tempted to use a tax avoidance scheme! Finally, by all means, ask umbrella companies for calculations. However, if they provide you with a take-home figure that’s significantly higher than our purpose-built calculator – you should naturally have some concerns. Challenge them and find out what’s going on. Our calculator is realistic; are they manipulating their figures to trick you into registering with them, only for you to be disappointed on payday?”

Umbrella Company Calculator – 5 objectives

  1. To provide a free tool that helps temporary workers and members of the supply chain.
  2. To clear up confusion surrounding umbrella company take-home pay calculators.
  3. To be transparent and make it clear how Umbrella Company Calculator works (and how ethical umbrella companies should be projecting the pay potential of their potential employees).
  4. To provide a platform for curious temporary workers to get important information – as and when they need it.
  5. To reiterate throughout our site (and partner site umbrellacompanies.org.uk) how important it is that you choose a compliant umbrella company for your payroll and the risks associated with non-compliant providers.

A background to the tool

In recent years, umbrella companies have experienced unprecedented growth. Before changes to off-payroll in the public sector (2017), umbrella companies were still very prominent in the supply chain of temporary workers. However, the IR35 changes in 2017 and then in the private sector in 2021 has resulted in hundreds of thousands of contractors, freelancers and agency staff needing an umbrella company to ensure they’re paid compliantly and efficiently.

There shouldn’t be much confusion regarding how they work for those who have used umbrella companies before. However, for workers new to umbrella companies – there are certainly going to be some questions and concerns that come to mind. After all, getting paid by a third party intermediary may sound unnatural.

For over ten years, the team behind Umbrella Company Calculator have been committed to sharing helpful and transparent news to those interested in umbrella companies. We’ve seen the good and bad sides of the industry – with some businesses setting an exemplary example of how umbrella companies should operate. However, we’ve also witnessed the industry’s ugly side. Some providers are backed by criminals who are desperate to make money – without concern about those who are put at risk of non-compliance in the process.

Ultimately, if you choose a compliant umbrella company – a UK based umbrella with a good reputation and one that operates PAYE – you shouldn’t have anything to worry about at all. However, even some of the compliant umbrella companies are distributing slightly unrealistic umbrella company calculations to trick workers into joining their company over the competition. Our partner site umbrellacompanies.org.uk is where you need to go for advice on finding a compliant umbrella company. However, this site is where you need to be if you’re seeking a transparent and accurate umbrella company calculation.

The team behind Umbrella Company Calculator don’t claim to be experts, but we’ve made one heck of an effort to build a tool that you can use with confidence! All feedback is welcomed, so please contact us here or send your thoughts to info@umbrellacompanycalculator.co.uk

Many thanks for visiting!

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